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What do I need to do to prepare for an INTERVIEW?

FIRST - one of the most important aspect of a job interview is being there on time so DON'T BE LATE. It's a good idea to be 10 - 15 minutes early for a job interview, this shows the employer that you are punctual.

SECOND - remember to bring a copy of your resume to give when you go to the interview. Make sure that you have all your documents neatly presented in a folder.

THIRD - dress up neatly and appropriately. Usually you can't go wrong with a shirt and a tie for the gentlemen and a neat conservative business suit for the ladies. If you feel that the type of job you are applying for does not usually wear a suit, you can be safe by wearing a clean pressed shirt with a collar and conservative pants for the gentlemen, a neat blouse and conservative business pants or skirt for the ladies. Make sure that your shoes are nice and clean, polish them if you have to.

FOURTH - Hygiene, you heard what I said make sure you take a shower before going into the interview, that way you will look fresh and presentable. Dont forget also to groom yourself, this includes fixing up your hair and for the gentlemen make sure you are cleanly shaved for the interview. One more thing, brush your teeth and make sure your breath smells great (man I sound like my Mum hahaha). You may think this is funny but you think about it, do you want to work with someone smelly whose got bad breath? ok enough of that onto the next step. Hang on last thing, do not put on too much perfume, this can be annoying to the person interviewing you. OK, now onto the next step.

FIFTH - review the job advertisement that the employer had placed. Study it and try to remember all the qualities they have specified in the job ad and make sure you relate it to your skills and experience.


Helpful hints to remember when you go to your job interview.

Remember to smile and be polite, let the person at the front desk know who you are and why you are there. Remember the name of the person you have the interview with, and ask for that person.

Think positive and feel confident about yourself.

Always try to understand the question they are asking you, do not rush your answers speak clearly and try not to use "ums" between each sentence

Make sure that your answers are relevant to the questions and at all times try to relate it to the job that you are applying for, at the same time mention your skills and experience and how this relates to the position being offered.

Always look at the person when they are speaking to you, this will show you are interested and that you are paying attention.

Sit up straight and try not to fidget.

Don't forget to say thank you to the person after the interview is over.


What kind of questions would they ask me during the interview?

Some of the most common questions that are ask during a Job interview:
"Can you tell me about yourself?"

Try to answer this question with positive attributes about yourself and relate any work skills that you have gained through your previous employment. You can tell them the type of personality you have in regards to work ethics.

"What are your Strengths?"

This is the time you have to market yourself and tell them what you are good at, always remember to relate to the position on offer. Give specific examples if you can.

"What are your weaknesses?"

I just love this question, I remember the first professional interview I had when this question was asked I was not prepared so my answer was "I have no weaknesses whatsoever, I'm invincible" I followed it up with a laugh, but sadly I did not get the job. It's common knowledge that you dont actually tell them about your weakness. What you could do is say something that relates to your experience at work and turn it into something positive for example," I sometimes take my time when I'm completing my work because I put so much attention to every detail and because I like my work to be perfect"

"Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?"

This kind of question will try to assess whether or not you have particular goals that you have set for yourself in relation to your career path. Employers would normally like to hear that you would be planning on staying with them for the long term if the job was offered to you.

"Why do you think this job is suitable for you?"

This is another opportunity to emphasise on your skills and experience, make sure you relate it to the job that's being offered.

"Do you have any questions you would like to ask?"

Make sure you ask something, because this shows you are interested in the job. You can ask something about the company, ask about their expectations from the successful candidate or ask if there are opportunities within the company for advancement in the future.

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